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Guidelines for Buying Legal Steroids
Usually follow certain rules when buying legal steroids. It is very essential to be smart and take your time researching a legitimate supplier that will deliver on a timely basis. Note: About 95% of the so known as " legit steroids suppliers online" are complete scammers. This is really a reality. We have heard the nightmare stories to many times. Be careful. Before you pay cash and attempt to purchase steroids online, here are some essential tips.

Tip#1: Never pay by Western Union, Never!

Tip#2: Buy with credit card only. That way your protected.

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Tip#4: Check if supplier has telephone number. So, you are able to contact them if you have questions, or track your package.

Tip#5: We already mentioned it--Always purchase steroids inside USA. This gives you a much better opportunity of delivery and avoids customs confiscating your package. Also keeps you from getting in trouble with the law.

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